Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Made It!

After nearly 15 hours of travel time, I made it to Reno last night...or early this morning, LOL. Talk about grueling. And funny.

It started when the taxi I'd called to take me to the airport went past my house (he'd called me four times to get the directions!) but the real interesting part was when he backed up to pull into the driveway. His front bumper was dragging the ground. He didn't know until I pointed it out to him. My confidence factor in this cab ride was plummeting. Fast.

But we made it to the airport (at sonic speeds) so I guess it was okay. Then I'd forgotten that I'd stuck a pair of earrings in my jeans pocket. Soooo, I set off the alarms and had to be patted down. Not by the cute guy. No, by a gal. She was polite and apologetic but she wasn't the cute GUY. Oh well. It was interesting. I'd never been patted down before.

They finally called my flight. We boarded. Then the pilot announced there was a ground stop for Minneapolis. That meant we weren't moving for 45 minutes. The pilot let us off so I went and bought some Fritos and a water. Went back on the plane. Waited another 20 minutes. Finally we took off.

More Later.

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