Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Home! I'm Home!!

It bears repeating :-)

Home! I'm home!

Wookie and Zuzu were ecstatic. After all, they haven't seen me in a week. So after I managed to get my luggage inside, I had to spend a good half hour petting and stroking and making over my furbabies. This wasn't a hardship :-) I was pretty happy to see them too.

My husband had already left for workwhen I arrived but he left me a Vernor's chilling in the fridge, a card and a huge dark chocolate Hershey's bar as a welcome back gift. The man knows what I like :-) This morning he took me for breakfast--the first good food I've had in a week! LOL Of course, I was only able to eat just a little of it since my stomach still isn't recovered from the Hilton Revenge but I brought the remainder home so I can nibble on it later today. I've lost 5 pounds during this past week though I certainly wouldn't recommend the method, LOL!

I'm going to try to gather some energy--maybe take a nap with the Wookster (she does that so well!)--then I'll post some of my thoughts about the conference.

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