Monday, September 12, 2005

Back To School

Gack! I see it's almost a month since I got to play here.

I guess a blog has to take a backseat to regular goings-on--especially the day job. Lordy, it's been busy at the college which is fairly typical for the beginning of the school year. Students run around searching madly for their classes (and end up dealing with some of our quirky architecture, LOL. Faculty are never satisfied with the climate in their classes or offices. It's too hot one minute, too cold the next.

Then today, I had a faculty call to complain about the music she could hear (from another classroom) which was distracting and drowning out her lectures. She had a valid point but I deal strictly with heating and cooling. It bugged me to ask her to call Plant Operations--then I found out she wanted my boss, an administrator, to go up and listen to the music problem.

Uh huh. Not many admin's are gonna leave their offices and trundle into the academic world just to experience first hand what a caller is complaining about. Mine was no exception. I saw his underling heading out a few minutes later.

On another note. I'm working as the category coordinator for a chapter contest. It's an electronic contest (which I thought would be a piece of cake since I've done a regular snail mail contest before and my postman has threatened to stop delivering my mail if I do it again, LOL). This sucker has been one problem after another. One judge was concerned that her name would appear on the entry (under properties) and sure enough, it would have. I've had three judges ask to have an entry re-assigned for one reason or another. I've had one judge refuse to judge because it wasn't her genre (then, fortunately for us, she decided to give it a go--thank god!) I've got another judge I haven't heard from--not even to acknowledge receipt of the entries.

But along with the complaints, I can also say that when I've had to re-assign an entry, the judges I've asked to take an extra have been a godsend. None of them have refused. They've all been cheerful about it. I wish I could give them each a thousand dollar check!

Oops. Break's over. Back to work.

Catch ya next time and hopefully in won't take a month to do it!

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