Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It begins...

Last week my dh (and right at this moment, it isn't dear husband) had a head cold. With his true generosity, he passed it on to me. Of course, my cold isn't as bad as his. Never is. When he gets a cold, it's practically life or death.

He moans.

He groans.

He can't do the simplest household chore.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm entirely sympathetic. I know head colds can be miserable sob's but...when I get a cold, I'm still expected to go to work.

I still clean house.

I still cook.

I still wash dishes, make beds, do laundry, etc, etc.

How come I can't rate a few days of coddling? That's all I want to know as I sit here on my break at the day job, sniffling, aching, and sucking on Zicam. I need coddling. Yes, I do.

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