Thursday, November 03, 2005

I need a day as long as Venus's

Venus has one rotation every 243 Earth days. That's pretty long. It might even be long enough to get this book finished, to complete my web page, to fix the template on this log, get ready for both my daughter's birthday and for the coming holidays. You think?

I'm getting new end tables and a new cocktail (coffee table if you're pretty much a teetotaler like me, lol) plus a new curio cabinet for my livingroom. That's tomorrow. It's taken a week to get the area for the curio ready but it's almost there. All I have to do is help my dh move my old computer desk out of the way. Then comes the purely happy pleasure of putting all my collectibles in it...well, maybe not 'all' of them. I have a lot.

The worst problem, and this isn't a pleasure at all, is now all the general crap that inhabited the spot where the old desk (and an accompanying bookshelf) sat is now in my new office. You guessed it. My office looks like the results of a terrorist attack--in books and paper. I'm hoping to repaint the room before Christmas but first I'll have to do something with ALL THIS CRAP.

Not all of it can be trashed so I'll have to box it or buy the file cabinet I wanted (imagine trying to paint around a file cabinet--uh huh, my thoughts exactly).

As Earl in Tremors was wont to say--I need a plan.

It better be a good one.

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