Thursday, April 27, 2006

First Trisk Author Blog

My turn is coming up for my first Triskelion Author's blog on Monday, May 1. I haven't selected my subject yet--I'll probably wing it (g). Maybe talk philosophy and put a plug in for my newsletter...which, by the way, I'm offering a drawing for those who sign up for the newsletter by April 30 (my birthday). If you sign up by then and if my Wookie baby pulls your name out of the box, you'll win a lovely silver tone bracelet with a heart charm. I thought that was kind of appropriate for an author with a book called 'Heartstone' (g).

On another loop, we're talking about heroes for our books. One writer suggested a list of 10 studly actors that she based her heroes on. Another popped up with yet a different list of 10. It occurred to me that I don't have an official 'hot guy'list.

So to start

1. Gerard Butler (got to love a guy who can wear a kilt with authority AND who has a sweet Scottish accent)

2. Kevin Sorbo (long hair a la Hercules or short hair a la Dylon Hunt--the man is hot. And I'd bet he'd look great in a kilt!)

3. Steve Bacic (with the grungy beard as Telemachus Rhade--mmm, mmm)

4. Keith Hamilton-Cobb (with the dreads...and the low growl (g))

5. Robert Lang (Red Wings Center--wonderful look of determination when playing, and has a smile that lights up the stadium when the team scores)

6. Oded Fehr (the guy with the tattoos in the Mummy movie...huge yum factor)

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