Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gack...this is pitiful.

I saw this bit of 'news' from the latest issue of Bizarre News. Maybe we ought to keep our kids locked in a soft, padded room or confined to a bubble like those unfortunate children who have no immunity to disease. I mean...really, how did all the generations before us survive without all these laws to protect us?

PORTLAND, Ore - The days of jumping from swings and playing
games on the playground may soon be over for today's child-
ren, thanks to our culture of fear and injury litigation.
Some school districts have already gone as far as to ban the
game of tag and even have signs that read "no running on the
playground." Safety advocates believe there is real danger
on the playground and are working to eliminate swing sets
from elementary schools playgrounds. They've already
convinced Portland Public Schools to get rid of swings,
merry go rounds, tube slides, track rides, arch climbers,
and teeter totters. These over the top safety cautions are
popping up all over the place. In Salem, an elementary
education director says "we don't encourage the game of tag
because it encourages fights."

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