Saturday, August 12, 2006

RWA National Conference in Atlanta

The Signing was awesome. I didn't have a book to sign--Heartstone hadn't been released--but I took the opportunity to meander up and down the rows of authors seeking out my other friends. With over 500 authors present (and probably 2000 or more booklovers eager to get a book from their favorite author), the place was packed and roaring with excitement! I confess that with the books given in my conference tote bag, I wasn't looking to buy any more (I have nightmares about having luggage over the weight limit {g}) but I did want to stop and see my friends.

The first one I saw was Jennifer Green, who forced a piece of chocolate on me (she did, I swear, honest to pete! LOL )

Then I ran into Shirley Hailstock again. I stopped by Patti's spot, took her picture with her holding her newest book, Eternal Nights, but Patti (like me) prefers to keep a low profile, lol. So no picture of her (though if you're reading this Patti--it turned out great!) but I did get one of Robin Owens. She's not a 'friend' though I wouldn't mind calling her one but she does write wonderful books (the 'Heart' series, ie Heart Thief).

After gushing about Patti's and Robin's books, I moved on and found some fellow Trisk authors. Betty Hanawa

More later.

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