Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time to celebrate!

The Triskelion bankruptcy case is finally over for me and other authors who protested the confiscation of our contracts by the Arizona Bankruptcy Court! After six months of bitter disappointment that the Court did not uphold the letter of our contracts or respect our copyrights to the material, we finally prevailed. (Or we may just simply have worn them down, LOL)

While this is just a tiny step forward, I sincerely hope that it is a fundamental step that will lead to safeguarding all publishing contracts in the future. Bankruptcy courts, indeed, all courts should respect as legally binding all the terms in contracts between publishers and authors. That they don't is criminal. But, just maybe, our stand against this will lead to change. I hope it does.

For right now, I'm going to bask in a battle won, then get back to work :D

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