Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cinescopic Personality Test

Here's a fun way to find out what the movies you like say about your personality. My movies were The Princess Bride, The Time Machine, Zulu, Star Wars IV-A New Hope, A Walk in the Clouds, Serenity, Blade, Lord of the Rings, The Ghost and the Darkness, and The Mummy Returns (not necessarily in that order, lol)

Get your cinescope here.'s mine.

You are the Chosen Adventurer

Chosen Adventurers are open-minded individuals who seek to know as much about the world as possible, whether by traveling or simply trying new things daily. Thriving on mental and physical challenges, they're at their best when faced with a seemingly impossible obstacle. Chosen Adventurers love movies about heroes who are plucked out of their ordinary existence to go on an epic quest that will ultimately save the world.

Well, can't complain about this analysis, lol, though it doesn't mention that passionate love that I like my heroes to find, does it? Perhaps the authors consider that the heroes reward?

Let me know how you're rated :D

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