Sunday, September 28, 2008


By Linda Wisdom
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 13-978-1-4022-1400-4
October, 2008

Tthheeyy’rree back! The entire gang -- Jazz, Nick, Krebs, Irma and Fluff and Puff and they’re joined by some new and interesting friends.

But this time Fluff and Puff are in real trouble. They’ve been accused of eating a were weasel and Jazz is determined to prove their innocence...even though one of the mischievous slippers hacks up very incriminating evidence in front of his accuser. And that’s not all. Jazz, Nick, Krebs and even Irma are having nightmares that Jazz first blames on spicy Thai food but it soon becomes apparent food isn’t the culprit. The question is who is behind the terrifying nightmares? And are they also to blame for framing Fluff and Puff for murder?

HEX APPEAL, Ms Wisdom’s newest witchy tale, is just as sassy and fast moving as 50 WAYS TO HEX YOUR LOVER. Jazz is still the ‘shop-a-holic’ witch with a penchant for buying sweet bakery scented body lotions. Nick is still, yum, Nick - the vampire you love to love. Krebs is still a cutie and Irma... well, Irma is still irascible but I think she’s starting to mellow a bit. But in addition to this great crew, we now have a new pair of stiletto heels, Croc and Delilah, who can change color to match whatever outfit Jazz is wearing and who are, ahem, just a bit of sluts but they’re lovable sluts.

HEX APPEAL is simply one great read, filled with sensuous characters, laughs, and a bit of wild adventure. If you loved 50 Ways, I know you’ll love this book. In fact, I’m so confident that I’m offering a give away of HEX APPEAL. Here’s how you can get your free copy:

Email me at LyndaK.Scott @ (yes, there is a period after the K in my name but there aren’t any spaces) and put HEX APPEAL DRAWING in the subject line. I’ll put your name into a drawing at the end of the week. Then I’ll let my fluffy buddy, Wookie, select the winner.

But wait! Here’s an even better deal!! If you join my newsgroup by Friday, your name will automatically be entered in a drawing for BOTH 50 WAYS TO HEX YOUR LOVER and HEX APPEAL. Each member of my newsgroup will be eligible to win simply by being in the group. Again, I’ll have Wookie pick the winner at the end of the week. She so loves to play with pieces of paper... especially if I want them back! LOL

To join my newsgroup, send a blank email to:

-- Lynda

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