Monday, October 20, 2008

Guest - Cheryl Brooks

Good morning everyone!

Once again, we have Cheryl Brooks, a talented Science Fiction Romance author, visiting us. I've had the pleasure of reading both her books, SLAVE and Warrior (you can see my review of Warrior on yesterday's post) and I can only say Wow! Ms Brooks has created a very real, very fascinating new world.

You'll want to read the review because Sourcebooks, Inc, the publisher has offered two blog readers a free copy of Warrior and I explain how you can be one of those lucky readers :D

Now please join me in welcoming Cheryl Brooks!

When I began writing, it was because what I wanted to read wasn't out there. There are sci-fi romances available now, but when I first thought about it, trust me, there weren't! I was trying to explain to someone just yesterday why I write what I do, and what I said was: “I loved Star Trek and Star Wars, but always thought they would be so much better with sex!” What I've done with The Cat Star Chronicles series is to let my imagination run wild to create an alien race whose men are the sexiest in the galaxy. These guys are so hot, someone decided to destroy them, and there aren't many of them left—only a few lucky women get to know the joy—and, believe me, it is joy!

When you write science fiction, there are no limits to what you can create—be it a man who can do it better than anyone, or the number of orgasms a woman can experience—and that's the reason I keep coming back to it. I've written a number of contemporary romances, and while they're just as hot as my sci-fi novels, they don't offer the kind of creative freedom that going into the distant future can provide. I dearly love creating new worlds and new kinds of aliens and little tidbits that add color to the story.

I had a lot of fun writing Slave—I didn't mince words or put any limits on where my imagination could take me. I just wrote it. Now, Warrior is out, and in it, I explored my inner “witch.” I've always wanted to be the wise woman of the forest—though there are those who will tell you I'm one of the old wise women of our ICU; I was nicknamed “Yoda” a long, long time ago—so I wrote the character of Tisana, and gave her all the powers and abilities that I would love to possess myself. She can communicate with animals telepathically, can whip up a potion with the best of them, and can start fires with a glance of her witchy green eyes! Her man is Leo, a Zetithian slave with all the ability as a lover and a hero that that distinction implies. Together, they embark on an adventure filled with mystery, danger, and sizzling romance!

So, if you've ever wanted to disintegrate C3PO for interrupting Han and Leia in The Empire Strikes Back, you'll understand why I write, and I invite you to join me on a journey to the limits of imagination!

- Cheryl Brooks

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