Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resolutions - Are they working?

I don't ordinarily make New Year's Resolutions anymore. Got tired of feeling like a failure when I broke them, lol. But this year I decided to take better care of my fingernails and cuticles. You see, I'm a cuticle ripper-offer. The skin would get dry, maybe peel a little and I'd rip it off. The result? Ugly.

So this year, I decided to break the habit.

I'm polishing my nails (hoping that by making them pretty I'll stop tearing up the cuticles) once a week. So far, it's working...more or less. I've had tiny bouts of tearing the cuticles but nothing like in the past.

It's an uphill battle so keep your fingers crossed for me. And if you'd like to share how you're doing on your own New Year's Resolutions, feel free to comment.


PaperbackDiva said...

I give up on New Year's Resolutions! But I wish you luck. :)

Lynda K. Scott said...

Thanks, PaperbackDiva!

My resolution is pretty easy compared to some resolutions. But I've found if I keep my nails pretty (polished and shiny) I don't tend to tear my cuticles as much. I'm still working at it but so far so good ;-)