Monday, March 14, 2011

Daylight Savings Time or Why My Cat Ate My Homework

I don't know if you have this DST thing where you live, but it's been the bane of my existence for a long time. They legislative egg-heads who passed the law think it saves money to put more 'time' in the evening and therefore more sunshine. Yet we're getting up in the dark and staying in the dark for an extra hour each morning so the money saved by having more 'daylight' in the evening is lost by having more 'dark' in the morning.

They don't seem to get that. Probably too busy at the golf club to notice.

Mothers with small children or grumpy teens could educate them about how sweet, how easy, how wonderful, it is to put a child to bed while the sun is still up. Not. Most kids, from the cradle right through early teen hood, will fight tooth and nail to stay up because 'Moommmm! It's still daytime!'

After watching all the people demonstrate at state capitol buildings the last few weeks, maybe those of us who think DST is a stupid idea should make our own signs and get drums and red shirts and flock to the legislator's offices to make our feelings clear. We could start a new movement!

Oh, you're probably wondering why my cat ate my homework? Well, Wookie didn't actually eat it but she was surprised to get her breakfast an hour earlier than usual. Come fall when we have the 'Fall Back' part of DST, she'll be less happy. In fact, she'll be sitting in front of her bowl, tail lashing, with an occasional impatient meow because she isn't getting her breakfast 'on time'.

Which proves my point that only the dunderheads in our state legislators think this DST stuff is a good idea.

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