Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Chance to Enter my Birthday Contest - Contest Now Closed

Hello all! It's a bit overcast today but that's Michigan for you. Wait five minutes, the sun might come out...or it might snow, lol. One thing you can count on, though, is a good read if you pick up my award winning novel Heartstone.

Or you could win a trade size copy by entering my contest (details are below). In the meanwhile, here's a snippet to whet your appetite.

"Open your eyes, sweetling. Look at me." Eric's voice held a gentle command she couldn't refuse. The soft firelight played across his features, limning them with sensual shadows. His crystal bright eyes caught and held hers with a heat that should have scorched her to the bone.
Instead, it warmed her to her soul. No one had ever made her feel more desirable, more feminine, than Eric. No one had ever made her feel more cherished. She wanted more than anything to please him, to give him everything that she had and more. She wanted him inside her with a burning, yearning intensity that bordered on fear. Not fear of Eric, she would never be afraid of him, but of herself. Of the way her flesh tingled where he touched her, of the way her heart matched the rhythm of his. Of the way her love felt like sunshine warming her after a long dreary day.
"Is something wrong?" Eric asked, tenderly brushing his lips across her mouth. He took a deep breath. "We can stop if you want. But tell me now because in another moment, I won't promise that I'll be able to."

Mmm, it gets a bit intense after that so we'll just stop there ;-)

I'll be guest blogging at Sapphire Phelan's site this Friday and if you visit there, you'll have a bonus chance to enter the drawing. Friday morning I'll post a link here so you can stop by to get the details.

 If you enjoyed this excerpt and would like a copy of Heartstone, enter the Heartstone Drawing.

1) Send an email to with Heartstone 
     in the Subject line
2) Put your name and address in the body of the email.

You may enter once a week until April 30. Then my alien kitten, Wookie, will select a winner for a signed copy of Heartstone. Good luck to all!

If you want to make sure you get your very own copy, you can order it now from Mundania Press 

Have a Blessed Day!

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