Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make a Day Special

Well, yes, it's rainy again here in sunless Michigan. And it's cold. The ground is still too wet to put my garden in (and it's pretty darn cold!) But...I refuse to let it get me down. The company I hired to rototill the garden says they need three days of dry, warm and sunny weather. I suggested they might have to settle for dry since the warm and sunny part is a real rarity in spring time Michigan, lol.

This morning we're scheduled to have the A/C guy out to check the system but I doubt he'll make it because it's, well, cold, outside and he needs at least a 60 deg temp to make the A/C work. I won't be surprised if we have to reschedule that.

We're also expecting a roofer to come out to give us an estimate on a roof repair/replacement. He said he can do that even if it rains. Since it's cloudy outside and looks as if it could rain at any moment, that's a good thing. We haven't had roof work done in a long, long time and I think we have a minor leak so it's overdue.

But that's regular got-to-take-care-of-it business. I have a review to write for a book I thought was absolutely fantastic and a contest to set up for members of my newsletter group. Plus I still have some work to do on Altered Destiny so I can put it up for sale.

Later today, my bff, D, and I are going to one of those Taste Of Home traveling cooking schools. That bit of fun will make the day even more special. More special, you ask?

Yes. Every day is only as special as you make it. I appreciate the fact that the Hubs and I were able to work hard enough to buy a home, that we have enough health to create a garden to grow some of our own food, and that I have a job I love and family and friends to share my life with. That does, indeed, make any day special.

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