Monday, August 15, 2011

Star-Crossed Romance presents Lisa Keesler & other Good News

Good morning all! It's a bright, shiny morning here in Michigan. After the rainy day yesterday, it's the kind of day that makes the kids and gardens grow (and the kind that makes the Hubs grumble because it'll make the grass grow too, lol)

Over on Star-Crossed Romance, we're welcoming author Lisa Keesler who's given us a thought provoking article on music and immortals. Check it out

And, just in case you didn't know, I've got a short story available on Amazon and B&N entitled Heart of a Dragon. It's the story of a dragon pulled out of his life long lethargy by a brazen theft from his treasure trove and what he finds when he goes after it. Heart of a Dragon is a 'sweet' story suitable for readers over age 13 but, as always, read it yourself before you give it to your kids ;-)

Barnes & Noble

If sensuous is more your liking, Altered Destiny, my alternate Earth story, is doing well at Amazon and B&N too. Wookie has told me that she expects a posh and ultra plush new bed for her help in writing the story. She does like to take credit for things, lol

Barnes & Noble

Heartstone, my award winning novel, is available at Mundania Press in both e-form and print.

If you'd like to read excerpts of either novel, I've got some posted on my website at Feel free to check them out.

Hope you all have a Blessed Day!

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