Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thoughts on a Sunny Sunday Morning

Last Sunday, I'd gone with my friend to pick up her mother for church. I'd always been taught to show respect to my elders and one way to do so, is to let "Mom" sit in the front - it's also easier for her to get in and out. So while my friend went to the door to help "Mom" down the porch steps, I stood outside the car, waiting to greet her.

The morning was serene, no grumbling car motors or barking dogs. Even the birds had fallen quiet. The sun was shining and every so often there was a freshening breeze. And in that fragile quiet, I became aware of the the trees.

You may think I'm weird (and it wouldn't be the first time anyone thought that of me, lol) But the sound of the trees seemed different from what I'd heard before. Like voices. And as I stood there, I wondered what the trees might be saying, what kinds of thoughts they might have. All I can say is that the voice of the trees sounded happy, as if they were aware of us, my friend, her mother and myself, and were greeting us. I'd have stood there longer, simply listening, but we had to be on our way.

I discovered later that many of these trees were over 100 years old. What kind of changes must have occurred from the time they were seedlings until now? And I thought of the changes I'd seen over my shorter life span. Part of me was envious, part of me was humbled. But mostly I was happy that for that one moment, I'd heard the voice of the trees. And I promised myself that I'd listen more closely in the future.

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