Saturday, September 10, 2011

FF&P Chapter of RWA October Workshops

Upcoming FFnP Workshops – You don't want to miss them!

Secondary Characters: The Good, The Bad and The Quirky Presented by Beth Cornelison

WHEN: October 3 – October 24, 2011

WHAT:  This workshop covers the vairous types, purposes for and effective use of secondary characters in your manuscript. This workshop is interactive, a mix of lecture with opportunity for audience participation in discussing and interpreting the sample passages/scenes.

The Feminine Journey Presented by Mary O'Gara

WHEN: October 3, 2011 through October 30, 2011

WHAT:  Did you love Gone with the Wind and Titanic?   Do you write women’s fiction or family sagas?  The feminine journey is the structure underlying all those stories and more.   In this workshop, Mary O’Gara will teach the feminine journey both as a structure for story based on the myth of Inanna and as the actual journey writers and artists take in discovering their own creative work.   (Cinderella is not a feminine journey story, but it is one of the failed strategies that can bring the feminine journey to life.)

Creating the Perfect Predator -- Presented by LD Madison

WHEN: October 3 – October 24, 2011

WHAT:  Are all killers the same? Are rapists all motivated by the same things? Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding NO. Even though we’d like to think that all criminals are crazy or simply evil, they are complex creatures as varied and three-dimensional as the heroes we love.

Sexual Response Cycle & Fetishes – Dr Charley Ferrer

WHEN: October 3, 2011 through October 5, 2011
WHAT: To make those love scenes more realistic and sensually scorching, it's important to know how the mind translates the visual and verbal clues to enable the body to respond.  We'll address how fetishes (those quirky must-have items and situations) affect a man or woman’s desire and love life.  We'll address the sexual response cycles and how to make Quickies and safe sex erotic in your novels.

Serial Killers: Criminal Minds -- Presented by Dr. Charley Ferrer

WHEN: October 10, 2011 through October 12, 2011
WHAT: Watching criminal minds is thrilling however have you ever wondered why the criminals do what they do?  What are their characteristics?  How can you make your villains more than just monsters to scare your readers?  Join Dr. Charley Ferrer in a look at the psychological mind of criminals; from passion killers, to criminally insane, to sociopaths.

Psychology of Abuse Victims -- Presented by Dr. Charley Ferrer

WHEN: October 17, 2011 through October 19, 2011
WHAT: We all experience trauma in our lives both little and big. Why is it that some individuals handle adversity well and can make a good life for themselves while others drown in sorrow and misery?

Join Dr. Charley Ferrer Clinical Sexologist and Psychotherapist as she discusses the psychology of abuse, the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and Dissociative Identity Disorder (what used to be known as multiple personalities) and how to waive it into your stories to help your heroines overcome their challenges and/or learn to live with them.

Red Carpet Writing: Screenwriting Steals for Novelists Presented by Amber Scott

WHEN: October 17, 2011 through October 31, 2011

WHAT:  No special effects. No stuntmen. No 3D. As our reading audience becomes more technologically advanced and Hollywood further competes for their attention, how can we keep readers hooked on our books? We level the playing field! We learn from the competition. These stolen screenwriting techniques will give your novel an edge in any market. Don’t worry, using them is completely legal!

Latina Heroines -- Presented by Dr. Charley Ferrer

WHEN: October 24, 2011 through October 26, 2011
WHAT: Not all Latinas are the same. Mexicans, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Dominicans, Spaniards --we’re all different. Like Brits and Americans. Add to that the cultural bias, religion, sexuality, regional quirks and the individual's ability to straddle two cultures as she tries to assimilate to the American way of life and still respect the old world traditions of her parents, and you have the hilarious situations just waiting to happen.

Setting Presented by Kathy Cottrell
WHEN: October 31, 2011 through November 20, 2011

WHAT:  The setting of your story is as important as your characters and deserves the same time, care, and consideration you employ when we inventy our 'living' things.  Learn to use the RIFLE approach to evaluate each element of setting.

Writing Steampunk: From Aether to Zeppelin -- Presented by Suzanne Lazear
WHEN: October 31, 2011 through November 30, 2011
WHAT: Are you still trying to figure out Steampunk?  Do you have an idea for a Steampunk story but aren't sure what to start?  Are you in the middle of a Steampunk manuscript and need a little help?  Whether you just want to learn what all the buzz is about or have specific spots you need to work on, "Writing Steampunk: From Aether to Zeppelin" can help.   Grab your brass goggles and parasols join us while we learn about Steampunk and the mechanics of a Steampunk story. 

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