Monday, September 26, 2011

Mad Monday Mono

I had a doctor appt this AM. Got there 15 minutes early and waited. And waited. And Waited. Finally after waiting an hour, I asked how much longer it would be. 'You're next,' the perky receptionist said. I grumbled back to my seat, knowing that my blood pressure would be rocketing skyward at a serious clip.

When I finally saw the doctor, it was high. Then they tried to take blood for a blood test. My veins laugh at them and jump out of the way ;-) That meant I had to trundle over to the hospital for the blood test. Three pokes later they finally got enough blood. Doc thinks I may have mono and the tests will verify it.

I think he has a vampire in the back wishing he had a little steak sauce to go along with my tasty blood :-P

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