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Workshop: Psychology of Abuse Victims -- Presented by Dr. Charley Ferrer

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The Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA Presents

Psychology of Abuse Victims -- Presented by Dr. Charley Ferrer

 October 17, 2011 through October 19, 2011
WHAT: We all experience trauma in our lives both little and big. Why is it that some individuals handle adversity well and can make a good life for themselves while others drown in sorrow and misery?

Join Dr. Charley Ferrer Clinical Sexologist and Psychotherapist as she discusses the psychology of abuse, the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and Dissociative Identity Disorder (what used to be known as multiple personalities) and how to waive it into your stories to help your heroines overcome their challenges and/or learn to live with them.

WHERE: This workshop will be conducted via a Yahoo! email loop.  Email invitations will be sent 48 hours prior to the beginning of the workshop.

HOW:  Just register for the workshop and complete the payment process via PayPal.  The cost is $5.00 for FFnP members and $7.00 for non-FFnP members.  Payment is due at the time of registration.

Refunds /credits are determined on a case by case basis. If a class should be canceled, then participants have a choice of a credit to be applied to a future workshop or a refund.

If you are a current member of FF&P, please log into the website before registering for this workshop. 

JOIN TODAY to take this workshop for only $5!

WHO: Dr. Charley Ferrer is a Clinical Sexologist and Psychotherapist with over 15 years experience. She produces and hosts a TV Talk Show called PLEASURE on relationships and sexuality. She's an award winning author with eight books on sexuality and self-empowerment.  Her new books BDSM FOR WRITERS and BDSM THE NAKED TRUTH are being released June 17, 2011.

Dr. Charley teaches Psychology & Human Sexuality courses at Rutgers University and lectures throughout the US and Latin America on various topics dealing with sexuality. She's the Sex Expert for various TV/Radio shows. She writes for various newspapers & magazines, including Fox News Latino where her first Live interview was providing relationship advice to the Royal couple. In her spare time, Dr. Charley enjoys traveling and exploring ancient ruins and conducting research.  She has created a Yahoo Group for BDSM writers to share their knowledge and learn from each other. 

For 2012, she's hosting a BDSM FOR WRITERS Conference in New York City where authors will not only receive information but gain a little hands-on experience. Plus she’s hosting a BDSM Writers Contest for published and unpublished authors starting September.

Please feel free to visit her site or for general information about sexuality

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