Friday, April 06, 2012

Declaration of Arbroath

Today is the 692nd anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath... Scotland's Declaration of Independence, which influenced the American Declaration of Independence.  

The poet John Barbour lived in the 14th century and was a member of the royal household and his narrative poem on the life of Robert the Bruce is his major work. Here is a passage from that poem which expresses his views on the worth of freedom from oppression.


Ah, freedeom is a noble thing!
Freedom makes man to have liking!
Freedom all solace to man gives:
He lives at ease that freely lives!
A noble heart may have none ease,
Nor ellys nought that may him please,
If freedom fail: for free liking
Is yearned owre all other thing.
Nor he, that has aye lived free,
May not know well the property,
The anger, nor the wretched doom,
That is coupled to foul thraldom.
But, if he had essayed it,
Then all perquer he should it wit;
And should think freedom more to prize
Than all the gold in world that is.

Meaning of unusual words:
perquer=by heart

Some music to put you in the celebratory mood... 

And bonny Scotland 

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