Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Chance to Register - FF&P April Workshops

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 The Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA Presents

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Faeries and Dragons Along the Silk Road and Beyond with Jacquie Rogers' and Eilis Flynn

Faeries and dragons can be found in many places, in ways you may not expect. The names may change, but whatever you call them, faeries and dragons have been both kind and mischievous, good and evil, sometimes a symbol and sometimes one of chaos. We are going to take you a quick trip, starting with faeries for the first half of class, and finishing up with dragons.  The Silk Road we’ll be traveling goes all the way around the world, and we’re going to start in the most unlikely of beginnings: Hollywood.

When:  April 16, 2010 to April 29, 2012

Plodding or Plotting? --- Presented by Gail Gaymer Martin

Learning the techniques to create a page-turning plot includes knowing how to use hooks and good pacing along with a dynamic story and believable characters. You will learn the three-act method of plotting, using backstory effectively to bring to life complex conflicts and will learn techniques to avoid the sagging middle and to create balanced pacing that leads to a dynamic ending.

When:  April 23, 2012 through May 15, 2012

The Character's Arc -- Presented by Sue Viders and Becky Martinez

We all know that stories have a beginning, middle and an end, but the character who starts out your story is going to be a lot different by the time the story ends. Characters grow, change and develop over the course of a good book. How does that happen and how can you build a character that will fully develop before the reader's eyes? Why do you even need a character arc? How does it coincide with the story arc? Join two published authors and teachers for a week-long class as they take you along the ups and downs of the Character Arc and see how to make your character grow so that by the time the story ends, the final determination will be believable and inevitable.

When:  April 30, 2012 through May 6, 2012

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