Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Frolics

What are your plans for the weekend?

Planning a big Halloween party? Or going to one? Maybe a trip to the cider mill? Or just a night at home with a good book, a glass of wine and a cheese fondue?

Me? I'll probably spend my time at home. I'm trying to get some major cleaning done before the holidays (which are rushing at us at sonic speeds) get here. Plus I'll spend a little time (in between dusting and vacuuming) working on my second YA project for Ambush Books.

I'd been kicking around some ideas but none of them were really creating any sparks. I finally admitted to my VBFF that I'd probably have to go back in time to my YA days and see if anything would create a spark. Well, she proved why she is my VBFF. She came up with a prom idea that caused my creative muse to flare to life!

So now I've got those sparks flying around and, because I'm who I am, this story will have a paranormal sub-theme. It should be a lot of fun to write and to read!

Blurb: When Jenn Calloway's boyfriend ditches her days before the big Prom, she isn't going to sit at home licking her wounds. She's going to show the creep what he threw away and she's going to have a blast doing it.

I'm kicking around titles for it right now.

Midnight Prom
Moonlight Prom
Dancing Under the Moon

Got any favorites? Or suggestions?

Have a Blessed Weekend!

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