Saturday, October 06, 2012

Things I Love

I was prowling the timeline on FB the other day, admiring and sharing pictures. I always like to see the fantasy-based pictures and I adore the puppies and kittens. Since my alien kitten, Wookie, is keeping me company right now, I have to say that I enjoy the kittens more ;-)

Anywaym I really got lucky that day. I saw a Merry Go Round and from the side, the carousel horses were leaping from the platform. As they touched the earth, though, they turned into unicorns. Now...if you've ever met me or been in my house, you know I have a great enthusiasm for unicorns, I have pictures and sculptures, plates and, yes, jewelry.

Then I saw another picture...a cool dragon cake. So, yeah, that's my other love. Dragons. You'll find them right next to the unicorns. It occurs to me I don't have dragon jewelry though. I'm going to have to fix that ;-)

What are your loves?

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