Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday - Heartstone #2

            The ringing phone jarred Keriam out of a sound sleep.
            She bolted upright, heart pounding and groped for the handset. "Hello?"
            No one answered.
            Her heart continued to pound.
            "Hello?" she repeated. For a second, she thought she heard breathing and an uneasy tendril snaked down her spine. She'd had a number of these no-answer calls in the last few days. Normally, they didn't bother her.
            This one did. She hung up.
            Too awake to fall back asleep, Keriam swung her legs out of the bed, feet hitting the cold floor. She'd been locking the doors lately, though she didn't remember doing it. Probably another facet of her episodes, another sign she was losing her mind. Still it wouldn't hurt to check them just to make sure.
            And she could check on Wolfgang. Having a huge dog gave her a sense of safety. Not that she expected to keep him, but she might think about getting a dog of her own. She stared at the telephone for a moment, then stood.
            She rubbed her eyes, then, without turning on the lights, went into the hallway. The quiet house had an empty feeling, as if she was totally alone. That couldn't be. Not with Wolfgang in the kitchen.

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