Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cyber Thursday - Heart of A Dragon #2

'Heart of A Dragon', Magical Mayhem, Ambush Press. See availability information below.

           Tryggr watched as Herbie-boy jumped into the vehicle and, wheels spinning, raced down the dirt road. When he looked at the woman, she was studying the tree he'd hidden behind. "Hey, you. Nature-boy. If you got any ideas, you best be losing them. I've got a black belt in karate and a bad case of PMS."
            She was fearless! What a dragon she would have been! He peeked around the tree, carefully, knowing the human taboos on nakedness. The dust caused by Herbie-boy's departure fell, along with Tryggr's hope. Somehow, he had to catch the human.
            "So? What?" Cassie cocked an eyebrow at him. "You forgot to get dressed this morning?"
            "My most humble apologies, milady," Tryggr said. "I've no intention of boorish behavior. I need to follow that rogue and quickly."
            "Oooh, kind of renaissance, are you?" Cassie laughed. "Look, I don't care where you came from, but if you're gonna go out in public, you got to wear clothes." She turned toward the doorway. "Come on, Shakespeare, Herb left some things in the cabin."
            "My name is Tryggr."
            "Trigger? God, parents are weird." 

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