Friday, November 02, 2012

Home Inprovement

No, not the old TV series with Tim Allen. I'm talking about here in my own little house. We had a roof leak which did some damage to our wet plaster ceiling. The roof is fixed and now I'm looking for someone who can repair said damage and paint the living room, stairwell and hallway.

My alien kitten, Wookie, is disgusted with having strangers in her house. She's not a friendly cat but who can blame her? She was kidnapped from her mother at a tender 3 weeks of age and I got her shortly after that. Her little ears were folded, her eyes barely open and she had no little baby teeth. Had to be bottle fed several times a day.

We think her mother returned to Catlandia without looking for Wookie Baby. But maybe she realized that Wookie would now become the Queen of Earth and all the Universe ;-) Maybe Wookie is the frontrunner of an alien kitten invasion.

I can see it now. Alien kittens with blasters running up and down the streets, taking control of all our resources. Turning humans into their slaves. Uh...they're way ahead of schedule on that last one, aren't they?

I hope Wookie doesn't hit us with her blaster when we actually get the repairmen to come in ;-)

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