Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit Day - Altered Destiny #2

Far out to sea, a pale line of fog rose out of the ocean depths.  High above the fog, a star pulsed in the indigo sky.
“Star light, star bright,” Liane began, then paused, unsure what to wish for.  A blast of cold air shoved her backward.  Pulling her jacket together, she braced herself against the wind.  What did ex-husbands and the weather have in common?  Can’t count on either of them.  Glancing at the star again, she muttered, “It’s probably a satellite anyway.”
From atop the bluff, the dull thump of her ex-husband’s car door, followed by the BMW’s throaty growl echoed off the trees and cottage walls.  She turned to see the top landing of the sea stairs.  Twin beams of light speared the darkness then angled away.
She was alone.  In the dark.  On a deserted beach.

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