Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Treat Day - Altered Destiny #10

She’d lost ten or more hours to...what?  Her cottage and everything she owned had vanished.  And somehow, her ex-husband, decked out like a Scotsman, had just happened along, claiming he didn’t know her and that her cottage had never existed.  She shook her head, winced at the ache.
It didn’t add up.
“We need to go.”  Devyn squatted in front of her, broad shoulders filling her field of vision.  He pushed his glasses up yet again to sit square on his face.  The right side slowly angled downward as he stared at her with vivid green eyes.  “It isna safe to linger here.”
“Why?  You afraid I’ll figure out what’s going on?”  Her gaze settled on his knees.  Very handsome, sexy knees.  A silent growl of self-disgust rolled through her.  She needed logic, reason, to figure out what had happened--not this ridiculous lust.
“Nae, I’d like that just fine.  But I’d no' wish to end up as dragon fodder while you do it.”  He stood suddenly and scanned the beach.  “Can you no’ think while we go on our way?”
“I can’t think if you’re going to stand there and yammer at me about ridiculous things.”  Focus, she ordered, but not on his legs.  Shielding her eyes from the sun, she peered up at him.  “Why did you come back?” 
“I dinna come back.  I was not with you last night.”  Devyn half-turned, then pivoted back, leaving a restless toe mark in the sand.  He raked his hand through his hair and, making an obvious effort to keep his voice even, said, “Lass, I canna leave you here.  ‘Tis too dangerous.  We need to find you a place to stay until we sort out this puzzle.  Are you well enough to travel?”
The sun cast a red-gold nimbus around his auburn hair giving him the look of a warrior-angel.  She didn’t want to admire his strong jaw, the masculine blade of his classically shaped nose, and the slash of high cheekbones.  Or the sensuous line of his mouth.  She didn't want to but she did.   “I’m just peachy.”

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That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits of Altered Destiny. Have a Blessed Day!

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