Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Treat Day - Altered Destiny #8

A feeling, half-familiarity, half-lust, swept over him.  Her hair, short and curly, gleamed with dark fire among its mahogany strands.  He knew her.  He’d never seen her before but, somehow, he knew her.  He knew the tiny scar under her left eyebrow.  He knew those full, sensuous lips, that determined set to her jaw.  Aye, he knew her.  He just didn’t know how he knew her.  “I dinna ken, lass.  Whyn’t tell me what you ken is going on?”
 Planting her small fists on her hips, she surveyed the beach again.  Her jacket gaped to reveal a striking red shirt that served her fair complexion well.  She said, “I don’t know.”
Her voice was pure silk even edged with the frustration and anger she so clearly felt.  He wanted suddenly to hear it while she was in the throes of passion, to hear it breathe words of desire into his ear.  To stop that train of thought, he inhaled sharply.  That was a mistake.  Her scent, jasmine mixed with morning rain, teased his senses.  The heat of her body touched his, made him want to gather her into his arms, and it stoked an uncomfortable heat in his roger.  He took a step backward, away from the intoxicating smell, the drugging heat of her and fought wildly for his bard persona.  “Well then.  Shall I take ya hame?”
“You ken.  Where you and your family live?”
She wasn't a fabled Amazon but there was strength in her body that reminded him of the warrior-queen, Boudicea, who had fought and lost to the Romans so many centuries ago.  She leveled a frown at him.  “You’re trying to be funny, aren’t you?”
“You must admit, ‘tis unusual to find a woman alone in the midst of nae where.”  He spent a moment adjusting his jacket and shirtsleeves.  There was only one explanation for why she was here and alone.  Casually, he asked, “Have you, by chance, run away from the Bounty?”

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