Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What would you do to be Beautiful?

If you could get a shot that would clear your acne, thicken and brighten your hair, do away with gray, cause you to lose pounds to your ideal weight, become buff without hours of exercise, would you take it? Would you rush to the nearest physician to demand the shot?

What if it was very, very expensive? Would you save for it? Maybe do without a new car? Put off your college education? Even sell your house?

Those of us who've had weight problems for years would probably think very strongly about getting such a shot. We'd rationalize that the payback would more than offset any sacrifice we had to make, wouldn't we?

I suspect if such a shot were available, all those Kim and Kourtney wannabes would vanish. There'd be no point in watching reality shows with super attractive women or men, would there? Not when you could walk out the door and see your buff and handsome neighbor strip off his shirt to mow the lawn.

What would you do to be Beautiful? How do you think it would change your life?

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