Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blogging with Star-Crossed Romance

If you'd like a spot on my blog, please email me with the approximate date you'd like. I usually have no more than 2 guests per week and spaces go quickly, so don't delay!

Star-Crossed Romance Guidelines

Here's what I need for your guest spot. Please send this to me approximately one week before your appearance so I can make sure I have everything I need.

1. A short bio about you that I can use to introduce you. I may edit this for brevity since I may use it in the promo's, possibly combined with other promo's that week. I've found that the most successful authors (ie with the most comments) will also promote their appearance. This is particularly helpful if you have a readers group or other loops that you frequent often. To promo, you can direct your readers to or you can wait until I send you the direct link to your article.

2. An article about 350-1000 words -- remember our focus is SF/F/P romance so it would be super if your article tied into that or at the very least offered a new insight for authors or readers.  Blog subjects can range from writing, writers life, characterization, plotting, themes, research, whatever interests you ...I encourage all my guests to remember that this blog is not just for writers but for readers as well so whatever your subject, it should be written to entice or interest a reader. Also, the article itself should NOT be completely promotion for your book(s). While you can use your book to illustrate your article, the subject should be something of interest to readers as well as writers (ie characterization, plotting, world building, etc) 

3. I won't edit your article for length so if you find you need to go over 1000 words, don't worry. (Excerpts and blurbs do not count toward your article word count, so you have plenty of room for your subject) I also won't edit for spelling or grammar...usually. If I see a misspelled word, I may correct it because I'm anal that way and I know we all make typo's. I've done it myself. Do remember that our site is PG 13. We've done everything from YA to erotica so our readers can vary widely in age and maturity.

4. A short blurb on your book with a jpg of your cover. If you'd like to include a short excerpt, that would be fine. Excerpts should NOT be longer than the blog post. If your book is electronic, remember to include buy links so interested readers can go directly to the site to purchase your book. I will make sure the links are active. 

5. If you have any other book or future books you'd like to mention, feel free. If you have covers for them, go ahead and include them as well as a blurb for them.

6. If you'd like to do a giveaway, that would be wonderful but you don't have to. I will ask that you be responsible for selecting the winner and/or getting the giveaway to the winner unless we've made a previous agreement to the contrary. Do announce who the winner is on the site, however. It makes the winner feel good Oh, and because the readers don't always check in on the first day, I suggest letting the contest run for several days but do give a time cut off. I also suggest you have them both comment on the blog AND email you with their snail mail/email addy (which ever you need to get the prize to them). This makes it so much easier for you to contact the winner. But I'll leave it up to your discretion on how you want to run your particular contest You might check back on several Star-Crossed blogs to see how other authors have handled the giveaways.

7. If possible, try to stop in once or twice a day over the following days after your post goes live to check for comments. We get a lot of visitors but don't always get many comments. Still it's nice to acknowledge the ones we do get. 

8. I'll post a promo for your article in several sites, including my own and a variety of email loops devoted to readers and writers. 

9. Don't forget to include contact information, ie your website, blog site(s), facebook, myspace, twitter, email (for contests or general contact), how to join your readers group, etc with your bio so that potential readers can visit your sites. If you have a buy link for your book(s), please include it.

10. Your article can be an attached word doc but PLEASE put it in Rich Text Format (RTF)  or plain Text. Also, please NO embedded html. It does weird and definitely NOT wonderful things to the post that don't show up until after it's posted if I don't catch it in advance. If I do catch it, it generally means I have to reformat the entire article into plain text to get rid of the HTML or special formatting. And then I get to pretty it up for the blog. This is time consuming and opens it up to me making dumb mistakes that will embarrass both of us. Do attach the jpg of your cover(s). DO NOT embed your cover jpg in your article. Include it as a separate attachment. If you want it in a particular place, let me know where you want it and I'll put it there. 

11. To help get more web attention, please include 3 or more labels that describe your content, your book genre, or anything else you think will catch the internet's attention ie science fiction, science fiction romance, action romance, fantasty romance, etc

12. When you stop by to check out your guest post, please click on the g+ button at the bottom of the post. It will also help garner internet attention which is useful for us as authors. Leave a comment there for other google users if you wish.

If you have any questions, give me a holler at or

Thanks for being with us!

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