Wednesday, February 19, 2014


My futuristic romance, Rider, just sold in a 3 book deal toEntangled Publishing! I don't have a lot of details yet but I'm excited and eager to work with my new editor to make Riderthe best it can be. The following books in the series will be based on Tara's 'adopted' brothers, Christopher 'Drummer' and 'Black' Jack Brown. Both guys are hunky and both are looking for the perfect woman…though she won't be at all what they expect.

Cargo hauler Tara Rowan will do anything to protect her Rider and the life she's worked so hard to build on the ashes of her childhood. But her world shatters when Holy Knight Traisdon Sinclair confronts her with her criminal past.

Even as desire sparks between them, Trace vows that if Tara doesn't help him find a missing Princess and bring her kidnappers to justice, he'll expose her dark secret.

To protect her livelihood and her Rider, Tara must return to the scene of her greatest crime...and forfeit her one chance at love.

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