Friday, June 06, 2014

Freaky Friday - Of Men, Monsters, and Inspiration

I'm Lynda K. Scott and I'm a monster reality show addict. There, I said it. I watch all the Sasquatch/Big Foot/ Devil Dog/ Mothman/ Yeti/ Wolfman...well, you get it. I watch them all. Okay, I don't actually watch them but the show is on and I listen to them while I'm either working or surfing the net.

Listening gives me more insight I think than just viewing them on the flatscreen because I can hear the sincerity in their voices when they very seriously announce that Squatches beat on trees or gabble monkey talk or yell as if being tortured by an even bigger, badder Squatch.

A different group of 'researchers' run around in the dark woods looking for various cryptids (yep, these good old boys even used that word) and giving off details like the technique a devil dog uses to scrape flesh off a calf (a living calf...who didn't die from the wound that caused a huge scar on its back and sides), or how it's unwise to stare at the Mothman, or how a river dragon sucks up heat from a cabin's chimney.

All this may be true. But I question the sources since the very existence of these creatures has yet to be proven. And all these critters are apparently nocturnal. Hence the need for these 'researchers' to prowl the woods at night. Mind you, I'm not a hunter but I can guarantee no self-respecting monster is going to hang around in an area where 5-7 men are shining lights and yelling at each other. No, the cryptid will giggle for a moment then slink off into the dark and continue on their own business. That's what I would do if I valued my life and privacy.

These shows are pure entertainment with very little real facts. I understand that and watch (listen) to them just to have them inspire story ideas. But I wish, I really do, that they existed. As long as they weren't interested in eating me ;-)

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