Saturday, July 23, 2005

Get Ready

I'm leaving for RWA National Conference in Reno on Monday. Starting to get excited :-)

I've got the regular family laundry done, the house is clean (and I sure hope it's still clean when I get back!) and the bills are paid!

Tomorrow I'll be packing. I still have to find (where could I have put them???) some of the clothes I use specifically for the conference. That sounds strange but it's true. In my normal, every day, go-to-work life, I wear either the uniforms my employers give me or I wear jeans and t-shirts. I rarely get dressed like a business person even though I work in an office (I operate computers for heaven's sake, why do I need a uniform for that!?!). So this trip gives me a chance to dress up a little, especially on Saturday night when we have our Gala event.

My only real problem is my feet. It seems like the surgery I had on the one foot back in January didn't take. The bunion is coming back gang-busters style. So is the pain. Sigh. So I suspect I'll be wearing my tennies a good bit more than I had hoped.

Maybe I should put glitter on them for the Gala? LOL

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