Sunday, July 24, 2005

Get Set

Okay, the packing is almost done. Just have to throw a few things (make up and toothpaste) into the laptop case. I do this because my luggage has a tendency to take either an earlier or later flight than me. Sometimes it gets there a day later! How dumb is that? You'd think the luggage could at least take the same plane.

My suitcase weighs 39 pounds according to my scale. That's another thing I freak about. The weight limits. Last year I took two pieces so I could spread the weight. They floated at the top of the luggage carousel. Literally. I had to ask a good looking hunky guy to grab them for me otherwise they'd probably still be spinning around at the top of the carousel in Dallas!

I've got my boarding passes printed. Gack. My flight leaves at 5:06 PM tomorrow, lands in MN at 6 something. Then I've got about a 4 hour layover until I leave MN. I won't get to Reno until midnight. Sigh.

I'm going to be wiped. Totally wiped.

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