Monday, August 15, 2005

Gas Prices

I don't know what anyone else thinks about the rising price of gasoline. I'm sure it's very likely most people feel a good deal of upset and a lot of concern especially in this day and age when our income isn't rising as fast or as far as the cost of living. Certainly, the rising cost of gasoline makes one really consider those little trips to the party/grocery store for a single item or the pleasure drives our dads used to take us on during a Sunday afternoon. I know it has for me.

But with the rising cost of gas, we can look forward to rising costs for every item we purchase from any store. After all, those items have to get to that store. The costs of their transportation will add to their end cost--the price we pay.

I already try to make a 'grand circuit' when I need to go out. I try to make my errand/shopping trips as cost-effective as possible by hitting more local establishments. I keep my vehicle in good running order and drive as efficiently as possible. I doubt it will be enough. I suspect gas prices will continue to rise until they hit or exceed $3.oo a gallon.

It may come to the point when I'll need to retire from my day job just because it'll be cheaper to stay home. Unfortunately, I need the money from the day job to finance my modest needs. It's the classic Catch-22. And it's pretty sad.

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