Friday, March 03, 2006


Yes, thank God it's Friday! Even though I've got probably the best day job in the world, I always look forward to Fridays...just like the rest of the country.

But Today is "I want you to be Happy Day". Now, I've no idea whose very generous idea this was but you've got to admire someone so selfless that they'd want you, a total stranger, to be happy. Most people have the "I want to be happy. You're on your own" attitude. With the fast paced lives we all lead, I can understand how so many people fall into this but I do think, while we're not responsible for another person's happiness, we can at least NOT do things that would make them unhappy.

Today is also Peach Blossom Day and National Anthem Day. Peach Blossom Day coming on the heels of the nasty weather we had yesterday (ice, freezing rain, snow) is more of a dream than a reality but it does make one think about spring....and that makes me happy :-)

I'm not into songs (and if you heard me sing, you'd be thankful!) but I do like to hear our National Anthem sung with pride. Just leave the personal embellisments off. No one needs to hear your voice waver up and down scales while you sing a SINGLE NOTE. Especially when that note and those scales are not part of the song to start with!

Huh. Now I've gone and left my happy place. Bummer.

Here's a deal. You buy my book, HEARTSTONE when it becomes available at in July--that will make you happy and it will sure make me happy :-)

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