Sunday, June 11, 2006

Painting 2

Still painting my office. I decided it needed another coat of paint but...I didn't have enough in the gallon to do the whole room. So I went to my handy hardware store to get another gallon. I took the lid of the paint I'd used with me so it could be matched.

The first thing I noticed was the girl used a different kind of paint. I pointed that out and she got the kind I told her I'd been using. Ahem. She was wrong. I was wrong (though less wrong but still...) When I got my new gallon home, it was a DIFFERENT color!

I'd chosen a medium purple and this was a light purple. You know what would happen if I tried to put a light purple over a medium? Right. Two coats. Sooo...I've decided that one coat of my medium purple will do. I have enough to touch up the trim and a few spots that didn't get the coverage it should have.

The next time I paint, I am going to hire a professional. Sheesh!

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