Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Painting my office

I decided to change the color of my home office. It was teal (when it was my daughter's bedroom but I wanted lilac--something definitely mine). Foolishly I thought I could accomplish this while on vacation last week. This isn't the first room I've ever painted. I've been painting rooms since I was a teenager. But I have learned some valuable lessons this time around, though, tbh, some of this is in retrospect.

1. Never paint a room teal--no matter how attractive it is. It takes two coats of primer to cover it.

2. Never paint a ceiling after dark...unless you're striving for the checkerboard pattern of missed spots that only become visible when the sun comes up.

3. Never listen to your husband while he's instructing you on the job...particularly if he won't even lift a brush or roller to help. To be fair, he did relocate some of the heavier boxes of books so I would have room to manuever.

4. Pay careful attention to the incursions of your cat. She will hack a hairball into the roller pan just because she doesn't like the smell of the semi-gloss paint.

5. If you have a full time job and work as a writer during your off hours, hire some professional painters. They're faster and your back won't hurt as much.

6. If the room is teal, consider leaving it that way until the new owners take possession of the house. It doesn't matter if you're not planning to sell any time soon. Trust me.


Stephanie said...

Hi Linda!

I so understand where youre coming from! When I was younger my brother had the same idea ... a teal bedroom! And it was gorgeous especially after my Mom -she's a seamstress- made matching bed spread and curtains! (mind you some of the material was a design that had other colors in it so it didn't look like someone threw up teal in the room LOL)
But after a few years he got older and wanted to chage the room and decided on black! Well the black wouldn't cover the teal so Mom and tj had to prime the whole room first then go back and oaint the black and it still took to coats to look good!
Obviously we did have to paint it back to white when we moved but its costume in the south to leave the ceiling white so we didn't have to deal with that!!
Glad you love your office now though!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Stephanie!

Teal to black to white? LOL, that's a lot of primer paint. Bet the paint store people loved seeing your family coming in (g)