Saturday, August 12, 2006

RWA National Conference in Atlanta

Mind you, this is still Wednesday, the day I arrived at the conference {g}. After I left the Literacy Signing, I had a chapter meeting to attend (usually Jennifer, Shirley, Patti and I have dinner after this but Patti had to attend the Bookseller's Best Awards--which she WON! and I had the FF&P Gathering to attend.

I was supposed to meet with members of the Mudpuddle, the online crit group of FF&P. Since I got there just a little early, I sat near the door and chatted with other early arrivals then I happened to turn around and saw a cardboard sign proclaiming Crit Group! I quickly made my way over since I was eager to meet the talented and wonderful authors in the group face to face for the first time.

First up was Alicia, one of our list mommies {g} and Frieda (a real, expectant mommy)

Here's Kat and Venus (aka Vee)both extremely talented writers. (Way better writers than I am a photographer!)

And Kristen and Mary.

Teresa and Dorothy

And here's the last Gathering picture--our Mudpuddle members attending the conference.

By 10 PM, I was whipped (I'd gotten up at 4:30 AM to make my flight) so I bid my friends good night and headed to my room. I think I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow, lol

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