Friday, June 29, 2007

Freaky Friday Pondering

I just read a blog that warns us to be careful what we put on our blogs, ie comments about editors or agents. Some, if not many, agents or editors do a website or blog search of potential clients/authors. And while having a slightly unprofessional site may not knock you out of the running for a sale, it won't help make that sale.

Sounds like common sense, huh?

Yet, according to that blog, many authors actually diss editors or agents for a variety of reasons. I can sure understand that. A gal can get mighty peeved when she gets yet another rejection. But a smart gal won't forget that these blogs aren't personal diaries that only she has the key to open.

Nope. They're public. Very public. Anyone can read them at any time. And a post that isn't even meant to be dissing can come across that way. So be careful out there. It's not just your Mom who could be reading your 'private' thoughts :D

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