Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Touch of Real Class

As you know, the owners of Triskelion Publishing decided to close their doors without any warning. But many author books had already been sent out for review, including my ALTERED DESTINY, ( Due to the large numbers of ARC's they receive, many review sites are just getting around to reviewing a lot of books released back in March.)

I just received one such review for ALTERED DESTINY from the Fallen Angel Review site -- a very lovely review. I've posted a snippet on my Myspace site here with their permission. Of course, it won't do the reader much good to see it now since the book is no longer currently available but they offered to hold it until such time as I find another publisher for the book.

Many other review sites are doing the very same thing. And I've heard that many sites are keeping the reviews they've already done (either displayed or held in readiness for the time the book is re-released). Mind you, this isn't just for my books HEARTSTONE or ALTERED DESTINY but for all the Triskelion authors.

And I, as well as many of the Triskelion authors, have had offers to look at our books as soon as the rights are returned to us.

All I can say is I'm humbled. What a tremendous show of support for those of us in this very bad situation. These review sites and publishers deserve the finest of kudos for their generosity. None of us will forget this I'm sure.

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