Saturday, August 18, 2007

Final shots of my kitchen remodel

A lot of you have asked to see the pics of my kitchen remodel. This is easiest (and involves a lot less download time. Unfortunately, I don't have before pics, probably because I hated the kitchen, just some taken during the remodel. Trust me when I say that this is a HUGE improvement and well over due. But, also, trust me when I say I had it done by Home Depot and their contractor, Pode Construction, who I would never recommend for any kind of work like this. The job took over 3 months. I had to argue with them to do parts of it right and I've had the floor tile repaired 3 times since they finished. I've also had to have them out to repair the outside faucet and now the dishwasher is leaking big time. At least I don't have to have Pode come out to repair that.

This is the ceiling over my sink with the new ceiling light and over the sink cabinets (which are almost purely decorative since I can't reach them :D)

This is the new ceiling fan. The old one was centered in the room but I had this one offset so it would be over the dining table (which is obviously no longer in the center of the room, lol)

A view of the sink, over the sink cabinets, and my dh who happened to be loitering in there for some reason.

This is to the left of the sink. We had an appliance garage put in there. It also makes a nifty bread box, LOL

A view of the peninsula counter.

The corner where I keep important cooking devices like the microwave and coffee pots :D

I'm still organizing it, even months later, and I'm still looking for art work for the walls. I do have a lovely large painting of a Bourbon Street party on the wall where the dining table now is but I don't have a pic of that apparently.

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