Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Reincarnationist by MJ Rose

Here’s a book you need to run out and buy.

Photojournalist Josh Ryder is injured in during a terrorist bombing in Rome but the real repercussions of the explosion begin after he recovers. Josh begins to experience uncontrollable flashbacks to a previous life, where he lived as a pagan priest and as the priest, Julius, he has a tragic love affair with the Vestal Virgin, Sabina.

These flashbacks lead Josh to the Phoenix Foundation where he hopes to get proof that he’s reliving past lives and not going insane. But when he and researcher Malachai Samuels return to Rome to interview professors who have unearthed a 1600-year-old burial tomb, his personal mystery deepens, one of the professors is murdered and a fabled relic, the Memory Stones, are stolen. These pagan stones will reputedly incite past-life experiences and will, by proving the existence of reincarnation, challenge the tenets of the major religions.

As we see Josh’s past lives unfold, we see that these Stones has touched on all of his lives, not necessarily for the good. We also see that Josh isn’t the only person whose past and present lives intersect with the Memory Stones.

Amid murders, the theft of the fabled Memory Stones, heart-wrenching flashbacks to Julius and the other lives Josh has previously had, author M.J. Rose has penned a riveting book. Rich descriptive narrative subtly embedded in the text and an engrossing plot draws the reader in and holds her attention from the first page to the very last.

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