Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday's Birthday Party

I was so busy yesterday trying to get my house ready for the imminent arrival of guests that I wasn't able to post anything. You see, yesterday was the big entertaining event of our year...a combined Christmas party and birthday for my darling daughter.

In years past, it was a much larger event filled with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, and her friends. But it's grown a little more sedate the last few years. Her grandparents have passed and that's caused a big hole in all our hearts. Some of the aunts, uncles and cousins have their own Christmas parties on the Saturday before Christmas. So we now have a smaller, more intimate gathering which in its own way is much nicer.

This year, we started a new thing, which will hopefully become a new tradition. We began the celebration at my house with a celebratory dinner, then we piled into our vehicles and trundled across town to my daughter's house so everyone could see her new digs and her live Christmas tree.

My daughter, whose decorating mode consisted of piles of clothing in the middle of her floor while she lived here , has turned into quite a decorator since she moved out. She was always a wonderful artist (and I had hoped she'd continue with her artistic skill but she decided that the real money was in...well, money, LOL so she works in financial management) has a keen eye for color and style which is reflected in her home. After letting those who hadn't been there before have the 'grand tour', we sat down and let her open her birthday presents. As usual, she made out like a bandit Then, of course, we had birthday cake which she wasn't expecting -- don't ask me why she wasn't expecting it. She gets one every year! (Strange kid, lol) We spent some time fawning over my 'grandchildren', her pup and her cat, who thought the party was for them. We didn't abuse them of that notion

Afterwards, her godmother, who has been my best friend since high school, her husband and my dh and I returned to my house to chat, play cards and fawn over my two little beasties, Zuzu and Wookie...well, mostly over Zuzu since Wookie is a shy little critter and spent most of her time socializing from under the sofa

We all had a pleasant evening but it brought back memories of her very first Christmas. You see, she came home with me from the hospital on Christmas Day. The hospital had put her in a giant Christmas stocking (no joke, the stocking was nearly big enough for Zuzu! LOL) so she arrived home in grand style. And she was the very best Christmas present I ever had.

We've had our ups and downs over the years which is normal, but ,over all, my daughter has been a joy and a source of pride. I've enjoyed being her mom. So Happy Birthday, sweetie, and may all your birthdays be bright, festive affairs filled with family and friends!

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