Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What If Life Formed on the Moons of a Jupiter Like Planet?

There's been some study recently that suggests life might be more easily found on the moons of the big gas giants like Jupiter...if those giants are in the Hability Zone of its parent star. (see research done by Scott Fleming of the University of Florida.

Gas giants often have multiple moons in their orbit so if life developed on them, they'd be more inclined to have faster communication between moons or easier (in terms of energy) access to space flight.

I can see sister civilizations forming on moons of this sort, perhaps even similar socio-religious developments due to the shared giant soaring overhead. Chances are the moons may have similar geo-physical construction, similar fundamental elements, similar ecologies. But that wouldn't necessarily be so. A look at the moons of our own gas giants proves that.

So what kinds of civilizations might develop on one of these 'temperate gas giants'? What are your 'what if' thoughts? Feel free to share...or just sit back and contemplate the ideas for your own story :D

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