Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Antiquing Again

With a bright but chilly morning sun beaming down on my, I set out to go across town to my friend, D's, house. We'd decided to do a little antiquing today in a small town northwest of her.

That's a fairly factual statement but the truth is that when we get together, it's a pure girl gab fest, lol. We talked about our families, our pets, our husbands, our homes. We talked about getting older and agree the alternative is not an option, lol. And that was just on the drive to the antique mall! Once we were inside, we continued talking as we browsed up and down the aisle. "I had a little chair just like that when I was a little girl." "My mom would buy me ukulele's and after a while, I'd cut the strings. No, no idea why, I just did." "Wookie would love that moose head. She'd nap on the antlers." "Okay, I'm weird but I like those odd looking ceramic peacocks, lol." "My mom had a black panther lamp like that -- I still have it." "Check out that bed frame!" (Simultaneously as we both saw a gorgeous black and gold metal head and foot board)

I've known D since we were freshmen in high school. You'd think, by this time, we'd know each other so well we wouldn't have anything to talk about. That's SO not true! We can talk about anything and everything and usually we do. We could solve the world's problems, I'm sure, if the people in power would get out of our way.

I came home with the exact same Christmas tree topper I've been using for the last twenty years (hubby wanted to know why I bought it. It's a spare. Just in case I need it.. Okay? LOL) and two vanilla hazelnut candles that smell wonderful. I spent $9.00

I also came home with a sore throat from talking with my friend. That's priceless :-)

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