Sunday, June 26, 2005

Be Careful What You Ask For!

I know. I was lamenting the lack of warm weather, whining and crying and all that. Then it got warm. Very warm. Wear the weather for clothes warm.

Most people wouldn't mind and, truly, I don't either. The problem is my day job. I work in Climate Control for a local college. When the weather makes an abrupt change like that, it does all sorts of not-nice things to heating/cooling systems. People get cranky. Real cranky. I end up working over time as we try to sort out the problems and get cooling into the classrooms and offices.

I had an interesting complaint the other day. During the previous two days, I'd had a voice mail message from one of our clients. Her office was cold. I added it to my queue of complaints to be sorted out--no big deal. It was one of maybe fifteen I'd had that day.

Then on Friday I happened to be in the office when the woman called again. This is the conversation.

"I've called twice and just wanted to make sure you got my complaint. It's really cold in here. I don't think anyone's been out to check it yet."

"We've been fairly busy with a lot of complaints but...let me check the computer and see what it says. I might have a temperature reading for your area."

"Could you do that? It feels like it's 76 in here!"

I paused. "76? You did say it was cold in there, right?"

"It's freezing! If it could just be brought up two degrees..."

By this time, I had the computer readouts. The room was 73.4 degrees. Most people complain if their office is that warm (trust me, I can prove that statement). "You know, our temperature standards are 68-74 degrees. I'm not sure we can elevate the temperature any higher than what it is."

"No?" Disappointed voice. "I suppose I can wear a sweater but it doesn't help when the other girl in the office turns on the fan."

I suggested she ask her office mate to make sure the fan wasn't turned in her direction and that she wear that sweater.

People with opposite temperature preferences should not be allowed to share an office.

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